Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle: November Volume

It always amazes me how fast a month can roll around these days. Everyone
is so busy getting ready for the holidays that the days just fade together.
Then there comes the realization that I have been stuck in winter blah mode and have not shot ANYTHING for this months upcoming blog circle. EKKKKKK what is one to do???

Well of course I decide to fall back on the Hour by Hour Challenge. Last January I introduced this challenge to many of my friends at LU House and it BLOW UP. Everyone was doing the Hour by Hour and I enjoyed seeing it all.
So this month I thought to myself, the hour by hour might just be what I need to get myself shooting again. And maybe others too?

I spent a wonderful Saturday with my hubby and 2 kids ( other little one was gone away for the weekend.)
We spent some time at home, spent some time shopping and spent some time working on a school project. 
the whole time I was snapping away trying to find the best angle for each shot. I thought to myself.....WOW what an awesome day, I got so many shots. I LOVE doing this Hour by Hour!

THEN COMES THE CULLING TIME..........you know what I mean, they all looked so good to the naked eye before they are uploaded and you begin the process of searching through them all, only to realize that out of over 600 image you may of got 10.

My now wonderful shooting mood has been sucked down the culling drain. Please raise your hand if you feel like this too!! because honestly I always convince myself that everyone else is out there shooting nothing but AWESOME, and I am the only one not LOVING everything I shoot. I am always left feeling more in a blah, then I was when I started. And like I always do when I get down like this on myself I start culling through them all as fast as I can trying to find something I missed..........

Well I was sure missing something alright. But it was not the WOW image. It was how WOW they all can be together. That is right, together. As I was culling through them fast I noticed something..... Every single one of those 600 images I captured all together, were telling an amazing story of how we spent our day. So just because I love to challenge not just your technical stuff, but your heart stuff. I decided to post a video at the end of this blog of ALL THE IMAGES. They are all SOOC and all of what I consider my 
A roll, B roll, C roll, and D Roll.  
We all shoot many images that don't make the cut, we all are not shooting  WOW 100% all the time. We all botch focus, we all don't shoot straight and cropped. 
We all have a D roll we would rather not share.


I challenge you to do the Hour by Hour, and to, just like me.... make a video off ALL you shots together, and discover a whole new way to look at the 
images you capture. 

My Hour by Hour

6 AM
"Like a true Canadian, there is no start to a morning with out a bit of Tim's"

7 AM
"Daddy + lil man bonding time.....going on a dump run!"

8 AM
"Snack time with a toddler = smashed crackers + toes on the table"

9 AM
"The first snowflakes of the season falling on her beautiful locks

10 AM
"First & most important stop when your shopping with kids!!! COFFEE + more Tim's"

11 AM
"Quick stop at the Local Firefighter's toy drive!"

12 PM
"Remember that time we had to occupy the toddler while Daddy was in Canadian Tire.....oh wait that is every time!!!"

1 PM
"The best way to keep a tween busy while Daddy find things on her Christmas list!!"

2 PM
 "On the road back home!!"

3 PM
"when you leave the house in the morning to grass, and return home to snow!!!"

 4 PM
"Life is like a snow globe, often it's prettiest AFTER it's been turned upside-down"

5 PM
"car town + cotton balls =  hours of snow blizzard fun!"

6 PM
"Grilled cheese dinner by request"

7 PM
"watching her line her paints all up in a row"

8 PM
"When your see the final product of a school assignment all done and complete, and getting to see how her hard work and plans came together..... **Tear**

9 PM
"Catching the last snowflakes of the night"

My Hour by Hour Video Challenge

TIPS** Video was made with Window Movie Maker.
Uploaded WHOLE folder, and set to .30 sec. 
Added : Best Day of My Life by American Authors.
Upload to Youtube. 

Post your video to YouTube with the Hour by Hour Challenge title. and share it with me 
us at Life {Unscripted} right to our timeline :)

Now its time to keep the circle going by heading over to see all that gorgeous eye candy Tiffany Erb Photography has this month


  1. Oooohhhmyyyygoooossshh! That video has me smiling so big! I love it so much! If I have the time, I really want to do one! Great month, girl. As always, you have me excited to try something new.

    1. Ekkkk...... I so hope you get time to do one lady. Thank you so much. I was so surprised by how perfect it turned out!!

  2. Crystal that vid is epic! I love it and I love you! Awesome job and now I'm inspired!

  3. Awww Love your right back!! thank you so much! Hope your inspired enough to try doing one.