Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle: April Volume

WOW....... is April seriously coming to a end? It all seemed to past by 
in a complete blur. We had hard days, long days, fun days, and 
special days. But funny most of our days seems to involve
frequent trips to the DENTIST. 
Being a family of 5 it seems we all end up getting booked into the dentist all at the same time, seeing as we see the Dentist, the Orthodontist, and 
the pediatric Dentist. Our dental office has become our second home, and when we go we seem to fit right in like family. I think that is an important feeling to have with your dentist. They are amazing with kids, take their time with you making you feel important, and they are the most accommodating place for our oldest with AspergerIf you live in the Southwestern Ontario area, and are looking for a dentist. Our family HIGHLY recommends Country Dental.
Hands down. FIVE STARS!!! 
And of course they indulge me with letting me whip out the camera and capture them working away!

Here is our April {Unscripted} dentist trips. 

"The removing of one stubborn baby tooth, to make room for the adult to grow through"

"The long, and never ending journey into braces!!!!"

"The little man with the extra tooth stuck to another, and the process of separating them"

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