Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle: August Volume

WOW!!! SUMMER!! I don't know about you, but this summer for us has been
crazy busy, with sports, parties, reunions, day trips, swimming lessons, camp and bible school. 
The kids always like to pick their top 3 things for the summer when September approaches. This summer they picked 
different then they have any year before!

Here are their top 3 picks!

Swimming lessons! The girls worked the hardest they could for 2 weeks straight to gain an extra level in swimming lessons. By the end of the lessons they had completed level 2 & 3.
They say this was one of their faves because not only did they get to swim everyday, but they got to make a goal and accomplish it, all at the same time.

Next up is our trip to on the train! I think this might of been lil mans' fave trip out of them all this summer, he enjoyed every second of the ride and still asks everyday if we can take him back to the choo choo train.

The last pick on our list was everyone's fave, spending time up at grandma & grandpa, Auntie, Uncle's and cousins trailers. 
Whenever nothing was keeping us busy on weekends we headed up
to visit the relatives at the grounds. Playing in the creek all day, jumping off the big bridge, (mommy didn't get a photo because Daddy gave them permission without me) camp fires, sparklers and snuggling in sleeping bags.

"time spent with family is worth every second"

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