Friday, 3 March 2017

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle: February Volume

WoOt WoOt. Feels like forever since we pulled a blog circle together,
L{U} is finally get back on track and falling into our old routines. 
This is how February felt for me after I escaped my everyday Mama life, and 
headed to Oroville, California on a Missions trip with my church.
(Yes the same Oroville who got evacuated due to the almost collapse of their emergency spillway, and we got to experience that)
10 wonderful days, meeting awesome people, doing amazing outreach in the community, growing deeper in my relationship with the Lord, and 
making Epic memories from some pretty unpredictable experiences. 
Then coming home and getting back into the grove of Mamahood.

This month I choice to share with you my trip reel. 
Since we were so busy with outreach I choose to leave my big girl camera at home and missed out on all those memories. 
But I did get to shoot some stuff.
We visited a truly inspiring Church called The Father's House. 
They are such an example of a whole team working together following Jesus. 
Further up and Deeper in, living in selflessness, not selfishness.
There is so many elements to The Father's House, not just a church you attend on Sundays. They do outreach in their community 7 days a week, they own a few businesses throughout the town raising $ for all they do, they run 
a Life Recovery Ministry, housing those going through recovery, helping them to get back on their feet and back out into the world, and they run a
School of Ministry, while also running internship programs. 
It was amazing to see this church in action. 

Here is my month {Unscripted}

Our day of travels to get to Oroville, California 

What happens to your bags if you don't collect them :)

Getting Evacuated, the very next day!

Fathers House in actions, Organizing and gathering of supplies to deliver to all the homeless who got evacuated with nothing, but the cloths on their backs.

Nathan & Nolan, the outreach Leaders.

Evacuation lifted, back down to mountain and ready to tour the town.

The orchard

Yoville, the frozen yogurt place


The Re-Store, ladies boutique

Lord's Gym

Random days on random walks around the town.

Church services at  Fathers House & Bethel

Pastor Steve & Vicki 

Coming Home

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