Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle: October Volume

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Meagan Dwyer of Meagan Dwyer Photography

It's time for the second volume of Life {Unscripted}. I still feel honored to be a part of this amazing group of photographers. There is so much talent among these ladies, and I love sharing the same passion as them of capturing our life as it happens, capturing those unscripted moments in our everyday lives. When your done here follow the link at the end of this blog, to view the next blog from the very talented,
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October flew by so fast, we spent our days on the go and outside, trying to squeeze in as much outdoor fun as we could before the snow finds us. 
We like to get on the road and go for a drive, so this year for Thanksgiving we heading out on a long road trip, visiting Nana at the pumpkin patch, and Auntie at the water. We left early morning, throwing the kids in the car in their P.J and set out for a 2 hour drive. We are so thankful to get to spend this time with each other over the holiday weekend, and so thankful for the beautiful day that followed us everywhere we went.

Here is our life {unscripted}

Early morning rest stop.

Picking pumpkins & veggies for Thanksgiving.


Back on the road again & another rest stop.

We found an old 17 bedroom mansion at a rest stop, and had to explore.

Back on the road, heading up to the Georgian Bay, Ont.

Georgian Bay

She sat on the rocks.
 He throw the rocks

 She collected the rocks.
 Saying goodbye to the bay.
Back on the road, heading home.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Behind the scenes: 298/365 "At the farm"

Behind the scenes of my 365
We set out on this weekend to take a look at the corn maze at a local
organic farm, who also happens to have the best ice cream around.
The kids enjoyed running through the maze, finding the pirate ship,
and stealing some of the treasure.
Then they got to take the treasure in and exchange it for treats. How fun.
Then of course get some ice cream, and hang out with the animals.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Behind the scenes: 292/365 "leaf jumping"

Behind the scene of my 365
Ahhh nothing better than a Sunday afternoon of leaf jumping.
To my surprise, little man did not like the leaves,
and was not too pleased when sisters throw him in.
The girls did not have that problem, they didn't seem to
mind the wet leaves at all.

For this session I am sticking to the SOOC challenge.
All these images have not been edited in any way. (Trying out a new style)

Ok, I lied. I had to edit just this one photo. I loved the soft tones too much.