Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle: September Volume

WOW!!! Can you believe it is our 2 year mark this month??
I am so blessed to have jump on board with this amazing group of ladies 2 years ago!! I have made so many lasting friendships in this group, that will forever be treasured. I thought I would take this month to talk about why I LOVE being a part of this blog circle.

First off, the people that make this circle come alive each month is the reason I started this journey, I wanted to be a part of something that pushed me to capture life each month, and see where it took me. 

Well it took me alright, and were it took me is to a LOVE of shooting my life {Unscripted}. You see we are your typical busy family! With having 3 kids there is never a shortage of LIFE to be lived. But I find myself more and more as the months go on, capturing those details I might of missed it I didn't think in the back of my head " need something for Blog Circle".

Lately I have just not felt the drive to pick up my camera, call it a rut, call it a lost of creativity, call it a time of change of growth. Whatever you call it, it still leads to me not picking up that camera, and when that happens it leads to me missing THOUSANDS of memories. 

This blog circle calls me out to just pick up the camera and grab those unscripted memories. To capture the long shots, the close up, the details, and all the points of view my brain can think of. And at the end of each month, it gives me my memories, it gives me things I would be missing if I was just picking up my camera when I felt like it. 

Some day I hope to make a HUGE book full of all my Unscripted months, waiting for my children's' children to read and treasure. 
My advice to you, is start a blog, and push yourself to capture even just one weekend out of every month. Grab a group of girls and start a circle to keep you shooting through. It will be a decision that changes your photography journey for the better. I am sure glad I did.

For if I didn't, I would of missed capturing our last weekend of the Summer. Labour Day Weekend. I would of missed the bikes rides, the rollerblading to prep for hockey, his first arcade trip, our bowling session, 2am Chinese checkers games, beach days, fireworks, parades and the drive home. 
Here is our month {Unscripted}




Now keep the circle going and click on the link below to follow the circle thorugh, you won't want to miss what Tiffany Erb Photography has captured this month, just a little bit of pure magic!!!!

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