Monday, 28 March 2016

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle: March Volume

This seriously has become my fave time of the month. BLOG CIRCLE TIME. 
Especially during these cold crappy months when I feel no inspiration. 
Finding a series to fill my blog with always 
gives me the creative jump start I need. 
And come on, I CAN'T help but drool over the images captures by my fellow
Life bloggers!!! I mean have you ever seen such talent as THEIRS, still shocks me everyday that lil me is a part of all this AWESOMENESS???

This month we did so MUCH and I had way too much I wanted to share, I had
lil man first dentist appointment series , I had a ton of out and about series, I had everyday in the house series, and I had Easter egg hunting series. 
THEN, nature happened and hit Southwestern Ontario with an ICE STORM, giving me a chance to refresh my winter RUT and get shooting another Lil man series. 
After the tree across the road come down overnight, we were knocked without power for 17 hours, and had nothing better to
do then to hit the streets and start doing a clean up, clearing sidewalks and keeping the town safe from falling dangerous limbs and power wires. 

This is our ICE STORM {unscripted}





Now keep the circle going, and head on over to see all the wonderful eye candy 
AnnMarie of One 33 Photography has for this month


  1. I love these! So adorable! One question... does that pay phone really work in your town???

    1. LOL..... it does. We are so old school up in this lil town.

  2. Love those icy details. And that little man is going to grow up to be such a helper to the community!

    1. Thank you so much. I had someone put it best this week. He will grow up to be a Jack of all Trades.

  3. These are fantastic! Love the pops of color! He is just too handsome!

  4. Your little guy is just the cutest! such a good helper :) Beautiful photos.

  5. Love these!! Such great captures...and now I am COLD!! lol xoxoxoxo

  6. I adore your little man series' he is just the cutest and you captured his personality perfectly here! I love all of your icy details as well! Great month Crystal!