Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle: Anniversary Volume

WOW!!! have we really made it a whole year already. It is kinda 
funny how it does not seem like it has been a year since starting out on this adventure, yet it feels like I have known the ladies of L{U} a whole
lot longer.

As with all things Anniversary, looking back is one of the best things to do.
As I looked back through my year I notice the things that we all notice
while looking through the archives, you notice how big
you kids have got, and how much your photography style has changed 
over the year.
I noticed something else on this look back. I noticed the growth I had over the year came from the relationships that also grew over that time.
I see the simple little challenges that we gave each other and the result of how it changed our shooting, I see the advice that we gave each other and how it changed the way I viewed an image. And I see the 
inspiration that we gave each other and how it let all of us grow one step
further in our photographic journey.
I will always say the best advice to give a beginner photographer is,
find a small group of photographers of all levels and 
get to know each other. That my friends is your ticket
to grow as an artist. 
Thank you to all my Life ladies, and the journey you have allowed me
to take with you over the year.

And now I give you my Faves from each month. 

I think to this day, that butterfly is my fave butterfly capture I have ever taken, for me it is all about the colours in this one.

And I just LOVE this next one, first year kindergarten the feeling of excitement mixed with nervousness, eager to run to school, but still wanted to hold the hand
of the 4th grader to feel safe!

Lil man lost in the pumpkin patch, and not just any pumpkin patch
Nana's pumpkin patch, what could I not love about it.

Ohhhhh this next one is an ALL TIME fave. the fog, the colours of autumn, and 
my lil girl walking the dog in the early morning.

This snail photo is one of her fave images, so I naturally had to choose this one.
When I came in the room and asked her what she was doing, my heart melted when 
she replied she was just letting her snail live his dream to catch snowflakes :)

MY FAVE CHRISTMAS card shot. The magic of Christmas.

Every time I see this image it brings me right back to the house full of family.
I will always treasure this shot! It is just all of us being us, and I really LOVE who we all are!!
Ahhhhh Christmas.

How can I not LOVE that tree shot!!!

This month might be my fave session ever. We needed to give her a lil confidence boost 
after she got her glasses, and we had a blast together playing in that library, for me the images are not faves because how they were captured but how they remind me of that day!

WoOt WoOt!! Family day down at the ice rink. Where almost the whole town comes out to go for a skate, eat some hot dogs and enjoy a day devoted to spending time together.

We were coming out of hibernation, and the sight of puddles told us the snow was finally melting, and the sight of the park told us summer was around the corner. I LOVE these shots, So full of colour of life. best combination 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This month was all about earth day! It might of only been one day out of the month but we spent the month loving our earth. And I just LOVE the shots captured 
of lil man and his garbage truck.

I don't think I ever had so much fun with puddles before. This was the first session I shot with my new camera, and it did not let me down. All the shots I got that day are my fave, but these 2 stand out the most, that bokeh in the puddle and the happiness on his face LOVE!!

This was a fun month. I don't even have words to describe why I love it, just click the 
link and see all what we captured!!!

July Volume #11
I missed out on this months circle. Summer rush caught up with us, but we did 
visit the beach that month and here are my two fave from that

It always means the end of summer for this month, and that always has us
off on many last month adventures, And these two are by FAR my fave images.

Thank you to all of you for joining us on this journey the last past year, you have kept us going, kept us shooting and kept us snapping images as we go!
Now jump on over to So Nia's fave collection and see all the wonderful eye candy she has captured over the year!!


  1. Crystal I couldn't agree with you more! We have all grown in such amazing ways! WE have grown closer to one another and we have all tweeked and improved our work just a little bit more and it's all because of these connections we have created with one another! I've been so blessed to join you ladies in this journey!! xoxo here's to year number 2!

  2. so gorgeous, thanks for sharing your love & life with us. i love all you ladies!