Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle: March Volume

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Elise Meader Photography
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What a month March has been. After hibernating for a very long winter,
we are finally starting to wake up and take a breath of fresh air. 
Did some spring cleaning, and had my lil man's 2nd birthday! 
That is what I seemed to have capture this month, us breaking
out of the indoor funk and back outside where the new warm spring
air has had us enjoying all the spring has to offer. 

Here is our month Unscripted,

"Hibernation is a covert preparation for a more overt action"
~Ralph  Ellison

"A simple idea can inspire, motivate, and produce change!"
~Leilani Fonoti Franklin
Even if it is as simple as changing an old chipped up window sill into a new car village!! 

"Let them eat cake" ..... or better yet let them make the cake
~Marie Antoinette

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

"Because the world is mud~luscious and puddle~wonderful"
~E.E Cummings

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  1. Oh my! I am in love with all of your puddle reflection shots! Beautiful!!

  2. He is just the sweetest! that first one of him sleeping….just so perfect!

  3. Your black and white conversions are amazing Crystal! I love those crib pictures. I also love the bright pops of colour! Great job this month!

  4. wow - and I love the wolf pictures of course and all of the others as well - wonderful!

  5. Crystal, I love your puddle shots!!! You also are so good at those details, love your month!

  6. I love your style, Crystal - you always manage to capture such wonderful expression and joie de vivre! Beautiful work as always!