Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hour by Hour in a Day Challenge

This year I am trying to challenge myself in photography, and have
spent some time trying to pinpoint those things I 
would like to learn and grow at.
Seeing as this year I am doing another 365, I figured an 
hour by hour challenge might just be what I needed.
Well I can never do anything alone, so I challenge some of my fellow 
Life {Unscripted} photogs, to join in.
I had so much fun doing this, and can not believe all the photos in a day
I am missing out on capturing.

So here it is, taking a photo at the top of every hour,
Here is my 7am-9pm

7:00 - My morning cappuccino with a little FB time.

8:00- Kisses goodbye to sissy as she leaves for school.

9:00- Lazy cartoon time.

10:00- Snack time smiles.

11:00- can't believe how fast he has caught on to potty training.

12:00- Lunch time.

1:00- Today's bedtime toy was his care bear and a bottle,

2:00- while the kids are asleep, well so is the dog.

3:00- Tuesday routine, waiting in the window for the garbage truck to
come pick up all our garbage at the curb.

4:00- after school fun of doing homework.

5:00- Chore time. 

6:00- washing up for dinner time.

7:00- Quick run to the library to pick up our books on hold.

8:00- rub a dub, dub.

9:00- trying to squeeze past her tablet time over the 9pm mark.

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